Buffalo Matt Blcak

One of the STRONG ANIMAL collection called 'Buffalo' is
a desk objet that plays a role of bookstand.  Each product of
the collection has its own motives and play a role based on
animals' characteristics at your desks. Wherever this
collection is placed, it will be just like a grassland.


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The main body is coated by black powder. The horn that is feature
for every animals, is made with polished metal. It delivers strong feeling
by the name to users because it is much heavier compared to the size.
Form a small grassland for yourself by gathering this collections

Designed by  Lee Jinwook

Product Details

Product number   |   002
Material   |   Black powder coated / Polished metal
Measurements   |   D 115  W 115  H 115 (mm)  /  Rad 115 (mm)  /  1.5 L
Collection    |    STRONG ANIMAL  /  Living


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Collection of  2020

STRONG ANIMAL is a desk object collection got inspiration
from powerful animals. Each animal's characteristics can be
implemented as a function in the product to make it feel like
alive stationaries.

By  Lee Jinwook

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